Textures Textile

Textures Textile explores the textile world in all its forms.

I dedicate this site to lovers and lovers of textiles.

I am Marie-France Duval and I am a stainless steel weaving artist.

I have created a new collection: Nature Collection, of which 15% of the sale of the works in this collection will be donated to an environmental organization.

Discover my podcast that tells the story of talented people who have a connection with textiles.

It is also a travel through the United States and Canada. This travel will take me from the east coast to the west coast for extraordinary encounters. The journey is postponed, that’s to follow.

An innovative jewel

I make woven jewelry… in stainless steel.

And I use a traditional loom, like our grandmothers.

Unconventional, you’ll tell me.

It’s true. It’s an unusual technique, but that gives an irresistible result!

A lightweight, durable jewel… and particularly feminine

Like a mad scientist

Here, all experiments are allowed.

It will be the soft end of a felt.

The recovery of some heterogeneous object.

Where well the integration of felt, macramé, knit …

But there will certainly be a bit, a little, a lot of stainless steel weaving.

Let’s talk about textile

You will discover textile artists from our home and elsewhere.

It will be colorful and emotional portraits
. You’ll immerse yourself in this world of creativity.

We’ll go from clothes to linens, from decoration to smart textiles.

From the old to the contemporary. Treasures to explore

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