An artist, a walker and a traveller.

Who I am !

Once upon a time… Marie-France Duval

I love stories and books take up a lot of space in my life.

I’ve always dreamed of writing a fiction book. I’ve tried but not persevered and my cats have peed on my notes. So head for trash.

What I like most about books is the dialogues. That’s when there are interactions between the characters. We quarrel, we cry, we laugh and it’s a nice way to escape.

This is not a chronicle of books.

I recently started a podcast if you like.

In fact, I wanted to blog but it was hard to launch the machine. Even though I like to read, writing is not necessarily easy for me.

Back to the podcast, it was when I heard a podcaster say it was like doing lectures in front of 200 people that it lit me up.

But basically, it’s not really that. Since I started, what interests me most is meeting and listening to what others have to say. It’s a special moment with another person. It is the story of the other that appeals to me.

It’s the meeting, the essential.

Textures Textile is finally the textures of textile to make an analogy between the different personalities in the world of textiles. The link, you guessed it, is the textile.

I am Marie-France Duval and I do extreme weaving. You’re going to tell me what extreme weaving is ? Well, I weave stainless steel on a traditional loom instead of weaving cotton or wool.

And, I’m weaving jewelry. I also make sculptures and paintings with my weaving. I also incorporate other textile techniques such as felt, macramé or embroidery.

My sources of inspiration are often related to nature, since I was born between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the spruce forests of the north coast in Sept-Iles. It was a profound mark on who I am even though I moved at the age of 9. Such beautiful memories.

Once upon a time there was a Marie-France woman who wanted to go on a trip.

I thought that at 60, I would go to visit Canada and the United States, a beautiful retirement project I said. I gave myself three years to set up my website and create a community. And also put money aside to buy me a motorized.

But as in life, there is no chance, I had a decisive meeting (we talk about it) that preceded the date of my trip. Instead of three years it will finally be in July 2020 for the big start. It seems that if you give yourself two years, you don’t leave.

This trip, will satisfy my desire to live in a mini house. Well, that dream will soon come true. It will probably be a mini, mini house and it’s exciting. It requires me to reassess my consumption patterns and that’s for the best.

I feel like my DNA is changing.

It is also a beautiful journey which, I hope, will be filled with beautiful encounters.

And since the story begins here :

Once upon a time…

Detail of a weaving with freshwater beads

Scheherazade Collection – Beautiful double bracelet

L’Herbier Collection – Winter – Felt and stainless steel weaving.

Podcast dedicated to textile lovers.

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