Our creations

Here you can fin the incredible Marie-France creation. I also present the work of other artists. Welcome to the fantasy world of textiles.


A lightweight bracelet that doesn’t tarnish. We wear it alone or two and even three. A must-have that will revive all your outfits. Lots of colors available with inserts of beads, glass cubes and Swarovski crystal.


Marie-France made the most delightful and lovely earrings The stainless steel weaving give a lot of feminity to these gorgeous earrings.

Twist earrings with colors pearls
Pendant with hematites on display.


The pendants made by Marie-France are so lovely and distinctive. They are decorated with natural beads or stones as well as Swarovski crystal.

My Little Hearts Upside Down from the Mini Love Series is an ode to life. $1 will be donated to the cause of Breast Cancer.


The Marie-France necklaces are spectacular. Interlacing of weaving strips creates unique and exceptional necklaces.

Collection Nature

Here you will find beautiful works inspired by nature. These achievements incorporate different textile techniques. Felt, embroidery, weaving and many others will rub shoulders in these unique creations.

My passion for nature leads me to protect it, which is why I decided to pay 15% of the sale of each of his works to an organization that defends the environment.

Carole Baillargeon

Discover a small series of embroidery from the artist Carole Baillargeon. June and is so beautiful end of day skies. That was the inspiration for is small embroidery painting. Each one is unique.

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